About Edee's Place

Started from a food stand, now we're here.

During a family reunion in 2015, Edmund talked his cousin from Florida, Dee, into moving to Georgia so they could open a barbecue restaurant. They opened a food stand next to the Mini Mart on Harbins Road in Dacula. It is called Edee's Place to represent Edmund and Dee's names.

After a few months of success, they drove to Alabama and purchased a food truck. The popularity of the food truck prompted them to look for space in the Dacula area. They found a closed restaurant off of Liam Avenue and formally opened Edee's Place in April 2017.

Edmund designed the restaurant after his mother's kitchen. Everyone that comes to Edee's Place should feel like they are at home eating his family's recipes.

Since Edee's Place opened, the restaurant has hosted several events, a variety of patrons, and continues to grow! Come by and enjoy!

Where it all began on Harbins Road

Why should you come to Edee's Place?

We are your favorite family-owned and operated restaurant in Dacula! Whether you're in the mood for a great meal or night out with friends, Edee's Place is your place.

It is the Place to Be

You don't have to drive to Atlanta to have a good time. Check out our calendar to see when we will host our next event.

To Enjoy the Game

We have a HUGE 200" screen where you can enjoy a great meal, cold beer, and the game in high-definition.

Military, Service, and Senior Discounts

We offer 10% discounts to senior citizens that dine-in on Wednesdays and Thursdays, uniform police & firemen, & current and veteran military with ID.

They Really Love Us!

  • One of the things that stands out at this establishment are the ribs. You don't find ribs like this at most restaurants in a suburban area. Very tender ribs that are smoked right. The prices are very reasonable as well. Service was friendly. They really made this restaurant look nice.
    Steve W.
  • Our first time at the restaurant and EVERYTHING, literally EVERYTHING, was absolutely delicious. 
    Jacqui A.
  • Man what a great place to eat with very nice people. Edee came over to our table and told us the story of how the restaurant came to be.  Most of the family has a part in the restaurant.  The service was great, the food was even better. We will be back!
    Keith S.
  • Absolutely delicious!!! Can't wait to come back. The ribs and chopped pork were very well seasoned. All of the sides were great. Wonderful friendly staff!
    Teresa B.
  • Great food from a local family!!! We will be back!!!!
    Crystal L.
  • The BBQ is great! Had a pork chopped plate and my wife had the rip plate, both were amazing! Meat was tender and juicy. I am definitely coming back!
    Sebastian F.